Humanity: A disease, or the cure?

I have noticed a “falling of spirit” within the movement for positive global change. Many of my friends and colleagues have shown a significant level of despair, as of late. More than just a few of my recent detailed conversations regarding the state of our planet with people I care for very deeply, have come toward the conclusion that humanity is nothing more than a horrific virus inflicted upon our living Earth. To a degree, their estimation is more than justified, however, please take the following as it is meant to be understood. I pray that you all read it.

Every species on this planet is dependent upon the other. We are woven into a vast web which encompasses all of existence in the universe and countless forms of life have evolved from other forms since the very beginning, no matter how you label that beginning. Many related species and those within the same classification are obvious examples of evolution. We do not require any form of college degree in order to understand why polar bears have developed a thicker, lighter colored coat than the brown bear. The answer is obvious and it is simply a matter of survival. On that same note, many parasitic forms of life have evolved into what we classify as symbiotic life forms in order coexist and survive. Case in point, if it were not for certain types of bacteria that live within humans, we ourselves, could not survive.

If you are not well acquainted with this correlation, we can look toward plants. An excellent example would be legume plants which have round structures called nodules on their roots where within, certain bacteria can live and reproduce while remaining protected from the elements. The roots of the plant secrete a chemical which stimulates bacterial growth and the bacteria utilize the nitrogen in the air to generate nitrates. The nitrates are in turn, needed by the plant for its growth and survival.

In the animal kingdom, we could site countless examples of symbiosis. One such example is the Egyptian plover, which preens insects from the backs of large African animals such as rhinos and buffaloes. They have also been known to feed on leeches straight from the mouths of crocodiles, which of course, benefits the crocodiles. One of the most well known such relationships is between ants and aphids. A certain breed of ant will protect aphids from predators and in return, the aphids provide the ants with honeydew. The obvious point is that there is a myriad of examples in which humanity can turn to within the structure of our planet’s vast biodiversity for lessons regarding how we can better live “with” our planet, rather than “on” it.

In my personal estimation, any species has the ability to evolve itself into a symbiont toward another form of life, so long as both life forms have something to offer the other. Humanity possesses the ability to evolve itself into something quite beneficial to our world, given that we can overcome our lack of awareness and our petty differences. Unlike any other species, we actually have a choice in this matter. It comes down to a simple, rational and moral decision that we will either make, or we will become as distant a memory as the Tyrannosaur. There is indeed, no other known species which exists on the Earth that can readily find an answer to the perplexing question, “How do we fix this mess”?

I will agree, as to the data provided by respected scientists around the globe, that we as a species, have and are accelerating a process which leads to the mass extinction of anywhere from seventy to ninety percent of all life on the planet. This process of extinction has happened 5 times prior in Earth’s four billion year history, the last from an outside source(a large chunk of space-rock which wiped out the dinosaurs), the other four, all due to climate change. This will be the first extinction to which its cause can be directly attributed to a life form residing on the planet, humanity, of course.

It is more than obvious that either no vastly intelligent species existed on this planet prior to these past extinctions or whichever such species may have existed, were wiped out due to said species’s lack of a solution for the oncoming and impending global issue. We are facing that issue much sooner than was intended due to our global folly. A very severe cosmic test is upon us and we have only seen a small taste of the tribulation to come. As Native American leader, Chief Oren Lyons has said many times,”There is no mercy in nature. You abide that law, or you suffer the consequence.”

This is the challenge that humanity must face. The living Earth is falling into a state of illness due to our mishandling of technology and spirit and it is likely that life on the planet will eventually renew, even if that renewal must begin again with bacteria at the bottom of an acidified and toxic ocean. Basically speaking, if the human race does not awaken from its apathetic slumber, find a better way of living and effectively halt the devastating affects it has been continuously inflicting upon the Earth, it will renew without us. The Earth will cleanse itself of us, just as any living being’s bodily defenses will fight a virus. That is the way of all living things and make no mistake, we are merely dwelling upon a living Earth. This kind planet has only asked that we live symbiotically with the rest of the diverse life upon it in order to keep all things in a healthy balance in exchange for its protection.

There have been countless excuses thrown in the face of change and many claims in regard to humanity’s “dominion” as an exalted and intelligent life form. So, the “burden of proof” is on us. The challenge placed in front of our entire species is very clear. Let us prove how intelligent and brilliant we are. Repair this mess that we have made, no matter what that endeavor entails. We need action that is based on truth, compassion and accountability. As Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has pointed out on many occasions, by estimation of humanity’s ability to live in harmony with other species, we are the most unintelligent. The way that we live has proven him right, over and again. So what will it take for us to shed our hopeless outlook and evolve into something better?


I see a species capable of so much beauty, yet, on a daily basis we knowingly generate the true epitome of all things detestable from a standpoint of blind choice. We carry on “business as usual”, even at the expense of human life, our own global brothers and sisters. We allow ourselves to remain oblivious to the truths that exist all around us with apathetic “numbness” or a sense of despair. Mark these words and never forget them. There is no given right to any being in this universe that would dare permit a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness in regard to the welfare of existence. In doing so, we give in or give up on life and our world, as well as humanity’s posterity. For those who see the truth and have fallen into despair, please get on your feet and stand with us. We can not do what we are desperately trying to do, without you. We need your help more than ever and by creation, we need you on your feet. We can not fight against an entire world submerged in ignorance and apathy without a force armed with truth and compassion.

You are not alone. If we did not love each and every one of you, we would not bother doing what we do each day. There would be no point, as love and compassion are the only things worth living for. Partner these very real sentiments with understanding and we, as a species, can become the catalyst for the cure.

I believe in you,
Anthony Damiano
President of AELLA

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I am very grateful and impressed by your mission for truth, compassion, and awareness. This is an impressive gallery for awakening us up out of our “Post Fallen Consciousness”. This is the CNN of the future. Very grateful and will help in your causes. Thank you, Dawn Copley