The Alliance for Earth, Life, Liberty & Advocacy (AELLA) is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, listed as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to AELLA are tax deductible, under section 170 of the Code.

The main goal of AELLA is to do whatever we can to raise global awareness, altering the way that humanity sees itself and the world around it. There is an extremely pointed need to educate the public in regard to the devastation that animal agriculture/animal exploitation is inflicting upon our planet and to organize against said impact. The obvious reason for this is based on the fact that there will be no livable Earth for our posterity if we do not change our current direction.

No matter how you view humanity, we are currently an extremely destructive force negatively impacting all life on Earth, including ourselves. If the continued dismantling of the ecosystemic balance does not come to an end and very soon, there will be no turning back for us. There will be nothing left for our children, nor our grandchildren and so on. Our mutual governments have sat idly by, allowing the slaughter of life, the destruction of the environment and the suppression of our rights to continue for far too long. They have also allowed the public to drift in a false sense of security whilst countless forms of life on the planet fall to extinction.

What we do, as a civilization, to the creatures of this planet as well as the environment every day, is a travesty. We must realize that all creatures are a part of our very fragile ecosystem, a system which has become more fragile than ever. We are aware that it is painful for anyone to open their eyes to reality, however, awareness must be achieved if the current negative actions of our species have any opportunity to alter in favor of the positive. AELLA will focus on the negative impact of animal agriculture, animal exploitation in general, several forms of environmental devastation, specific infringement/oppression of basic human rights, along with other unspeakable acts of violence/destruction that our species commits.

It is very easy for so many to turn it off. We can pretend that this self-inflicted devastation does not exist and that it does not affect us or our world. We personally do not believe in living life with blinders on. We would rather know the truth, be informed, then take a stand in order to make a difference, a real change for the better, for all of you.

If we do not start altering our ways and begin to repair the destruction that we have caused, we will see the death of life on our planet from the repeated rape that we have inflicted upon it. The biggest cancer in our society today is our indifference, our apathy. AELLA promotes that we evolve into something better through honest and compassionate education.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to alter the way that the human species sees itself, the world around it and treats all of life through continued education and advocacy. Our overall goals are to:

Print and distribute information, in person and via mail, much like, but not limited to issues that we have posted on our website.

Organize well thought out demonstration for the environment and animals.

Travel abroad in order to connect globally/work hands-on with other activists, helping the environment/animals/people and spread the message via speaking engagement.

Aid other groups in their demonstrations/campaigns.

Have a positive approach for a younger crowd to become more involved with said concerns. Show them that they can take action toward shaping their society’s future.

Promote a vegan diet through the use of the aforementioned information. We will always do our very best not to “attack” but we refuse to “sugar coat” information. We do not like adverse terminology. We do not believe in “humane slaughter” and we will not back down from scientifically proven fact.

When we learn more about the intricacies involved in regard to any specific issue/location, we will plan on investigative measures in order to expose said issue and do whatever can be done, by legal means, in order to impart a positive change.

The members of AELLA thank you for your precious time in reading our words.

The AELLA Team

AELLA was officially founded on January 1st of 2010 by Anthony Damiano and Marla Stormwolf Patty.