Targeting the Animal Crush Interest

At, we very well understand and agree with everyone who wants animal crush “models” to be stopped. This a given, however, please remember that taking away the ability of animal crush video producers to sell or distribute the videos, enacting laws that identify and directly deal with the true problem, this is where our main focus should be, especially when it truly needs to be. Removing the ability of individuals to pay animal crush video producers any substantial funds to generate these depictions for their viewers is the first and most powerful step that we can take. It is a step that initiatives like have been promoting for years.

We know how horrific the animal crush industry is. We certainly know how cruel animal crush “models” are in these videos, however, do you believe that a crush “model” is somehow more dangerous than a person who lives around the corner from both children and animals, yet pays money so that he can masturbate to animal crush depictions? We do not comprehend why anyone would believe that such a person is “less dangerous” than a crush “model”. Those who purchase these videos are just as dangerous, if not more so.

Why should those who live in the vicinity of children and animals (wild or companion), who masturbate to these videos, not be singled-out for their prurient interest in such depictions? Why are they not being removed from society, as well? Why is it any more important to target the “models”, yet allow the consumers and producers to simply find new “models” once the initial “models” have been targeted, ostracized, arrested, imprisoned or attacked by the public at large? Such action does not solve the growing problem related to the animal crush interest. It doesn’t even truly address the underlying issue.

Before you can stop the criminals behind this horrific industry, the problem must first be fully-understood and exposed to the general public. Every part of the disease that comprises the animal crush interest must be identified and treated (We are speaking metaphorically here. Proper “treatment” for such monsters, in our estimation, is life removed from civilized society). We can not simply and temporarily mask the exposed symptoms of the industry by occasionally targeting a few crush “models”. The disease which generates the demand for animal torture pornography must also be properly classified by the global leaders of psychiatry in sources like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). From that point, anyone caught producing, selling, distributing or purchasing such depictions should be dealt with accordingly by the legal system and remanded to the proper authorities.

That will not happen until society accepts this horrific aberration for what it is, a very real and threatening global problem. No, targeting the occasional crush “model” for animal cruelty is not going to put an end to animal crush video. Most people who initially learn about the existence of the animal crush interest do not even have a slight idea as to how many animal crush “models” are currently churning-out videos so that their producers can peddle said sadistic wares to men who sit in front of their computer screens, masturbating to the depictions of pain and torture. We have come to this conclusion; merely based on general reactions that we see from people, it is impossible that the majority have any clue in regard to just how out of control the animal crush issue has become.

In the past half-decade, we have collected multiple thousands of depictions, originating from thousands of animal crush videos featuring as many different crush “models” of all nationalities and they are based in nearly every corner of the globe. This is only one of the reasons why our main focus has always been centered on pressuring governments to outlaw the entire interest (production, distribution, sale, purchase, ownership) and to educate the masses in regard to the problem’s existence.

Another obvious reason is that an animal is an animal. Human or nonhuman, these individuals are a danger to all that live. It has been well-documented by experts who have spent entire careers studying serial murderers, that the vast majority of these killers began by torturing and murdering nonhuman animals prior to targeting humans (for an expert example, research the works of Robert Ressler, former FBI agent and author who coined the term “Serial Killer”).

Each of us, at any given time, is potential prey to such predators. Do you wish for your children to live in the same neighborhood where an individual who “gratifies” himself to these depictions resides? We certainly do not and we do not believe that you do, either.

The global public must demand that a full psychological investigation be enacted to truly understand, define and categorize this most severe and widespread problem, as it has grown exponentially over the past decade. In the year 1998, the Humane Society of the United States conducted their own investigation, simply to gauge just how many animal crush videos were readily available for purchase and download on global internet servers. They uncovered more than 3,000 at that time. After conducting years of our own undercover investigations, we believe that this number has multiplied in ways which many of you could not possibly imagine.

Over the years, crush producers and crush “models” began understanding that their “customers” would gladly pay more money for “custom” torture. What kind of animal would you like to see tortured? What nationality of woman would you like to see enacting that torture and in what venue? How do you want the animal to be tortured? How long do you want the pain to last before the animal dies?

Such videos began netting far more money than any “ordinary” pornography, many in the area of multiple-thousands of dollars in U.S. currency and that, in itself, is more than just frightening. Who do we believe is buying animal torture pornography videos on a regular basis, videos that can cost up to thousands of dollars each, just to satiate their desire for brutal, sexualized murder?

These consumers are not cave trolls living in desolate regions of the planet. They are every-day people with decent-paying jobs (to say the least), living in neighborhoods, some perhaps even living with their wives and children, family members who most likely have no idea as to what their husbands or fathers secretly desire. Such an interest isn’t exactly something that you discuss in the office lunch-room or at your Sunday church group, is it? Are you beginning to understand why you’ve only recently become more aware about the existence of the animal crush interest? Those who harbor such an interest have always endeavored to conceal said interest with good reason and those who supply the demand have been more than willing to work in the proverbial shadows to appease their clientele.

At this point in time, one of the only two existing laws in the world which specifically addresses and identifies the animal crush video problem, is in severe jeopardy of being dismantled. Defending that law is our first and utmost priority, no matter what anyone’s opinion is in regard to “free speech”. Some of the very individuals who argue that animal crush videos deserve “free speech” protection would have (and have) made the same argument in favor of keeping child pornography legal during the early 1980’s. Some of our detractors would still like to see child pornography regain protection under “free speech” and we will stand against them in regard to that issue, as well. As far as we are concerned, they are in the same category and this bracket of “speech” is not “free” at all. It is extremely costly.

The animal crush interest is not “free speech”, it is an abomination. If evil exists, we’ve seen it and if you believe that there aren’t individuals who offer crush producers a great deal of money to provide them with videos of human torture, such as requests for the crushing of human babies, you would be sorely mistaken. These people are monsters, ofttimes hiding in the darkness waiting to pounce on the innocent. It is well-past time that we collectively shine a bright spotlight upon them.

So, the question has always been what can everyone continue to do in order to target the collective animal crush interest? We are taking part in several initiatives that must work in tandem, which are based on doing just that and we gladly accept any aid in these endeavors:

1. Continue engaging in undercover initiatives to record the activity of or expose animal crush cells and any individuals producing, selling, distributing or purchasing animal crush videos around the world in an effort to have them charged with criminal activity, no matter how long the investigations take.

How can you help us in this endeavor? You can apply to become a team member in’s Undercover Investigations Division. Our ultimate goal for this branch is to train a small army of dedicated undercover activists who will not rest until every individual around the world connected with an interest in animal torture pornography, is placed behind bars. The current appointed Director of Undercover Investigations will oversee the training of each volunteer. If you are interested in joining this effort, please download and fill out our two-page application by clicking HERE, then return it to us at Please make certain to indicate that you are interested in undercover investigations on your application.

2. Stop crush producers from using internet social networks to peddle their sadistic wares.

How can you help us in this endeavor? You can report what you find to either the proper authorities or to a group that will responsibly deal with the issue. To help cut crush producers off from distributing and making money on their horrific videos, we must continually hinder their capability of streaming publicly on internet sites like YouTube or Facebook. Whenever reporting, when you are asked for a reason why you are doing so, simply state:

“This is animal crush depiction of/from animal crush video which is illegal to stream on United States based servers under the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010. Please remove this content immediately. It will be reported to the FBI’s IC3 Network, shortly”.

You can then go to and under the main banner, you will see the “Report Abuse” tab. Hover your mouse-pointer over that tab and scroll down to the “Federal Bureau of Investigations IC3 Network“. After logging onto the IC3 page, fill out the form, reporting YouTube, Facebook, or other social networks that you catch housing animal crush video depictions. Please make certain to include the exact web address of the depictions in your report. The depictions will come down. If they do not, which is unlikely, contact us and we will fight to get them down. There is no reason, not whatsoever, why any social network should be housing animal torture pornography.

3. Continue campaigning for the outlaw of animal crush video in every nation and making connections with caring individuals all over the world. This effort is to not only form international branches that actively lobby for legislation against the animal crush industry and for the increased protection of animals, but also works in the defense of minors who are often snatched-up into human trafficking, which sometimes acts in tandem with the animal crush industry.

How can you help in this endeavor? Again, you can join the team at and add to the strength of an already-existing branch in your nation, or you can help us by starting a new chapter if one does not yet exist. Not all team members work undercover. Lobbying your government (as well as others) to outlaw the production, sale, distribution, purchase and ownership of animal crush video is an important role to take on. It is not an easy role to fill, either. If you are interested in joining this effort, please download and fill out our two-page application by clicking HERE, then return it to us at

You can support branch-specific initiatives, such as United Kingdom urging their Parliament to outlaw animal crush video with severe penalties HERE and Germany’s similar campaign HERE.

4. Continue defending strict laws, already in place against animal crush video (which currently, as we are aware, only exist in the United States and Greece) and publicly entrench the already clinically understood connection between human and nonhuman animal abuse, so that these videos are seen in the same category as child pornography all over the world. We believe that with enough public exposure and education concerning the issue, the animal crush industry can be eradicated.

How can you help in this endeavor? You already have been and you continue to with both your vocal and financial support. Ongoing campaigns, such as the one connected with the federal appeals hearing regarding Judge Sim Lake’s poorly-thought-out ruling on the United States vs. Ashley Richards and Brent Justice animal crush video case, are only made possible with your assistance. We can not afford our legal fees or other expenses such as travel fees without you and the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act of 2010 must be defended. When arguments are presented in favor of defending this most important piece of legislation, they will be presented because you funded the endeavor. Such campaigns would not exist without you and without you, these two criminals would walk away from the federal charges without even having to put up a fight.

Many of you have already connected with or told others about our goal to raise funds for continually arising legal fees and expenses. Donations can also always be made in the right hand column of our website’s main page.

The truth is, we believe that you already know how important it is for Judge Sim Lake’s ruling to be overturned and how imperative it is that these monsters are forced to serve a full sentence under the Animal Crush Video Prohibition Act. In light of the fact that you are trusting us to do so, we will continue to give you everything that we have in order to make that endeavor a reality.

As always, we owe you our extreme gratitude.

The team at


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