Mother Nature Crying, a poem by Jamie D. Montalvo

A very intelligent and caring 9 year old girl named Jamie D. Montalvo, has sent us a poem in regard to how she feels about the vast animal slaughter and environmental degradation currently plaguing our world. She agreed to allow us to share it with you.

Mother Nature Crying:
by Jamie D. Montalvo

Listen to the wind.

Hear the cries of my children.

Can you see?

Can you see what they’re doing to me?

Shedding their blood upon my face.

Help my children please.

My heart is breaking.

The tears I shed fill the rivers, lakes and seas.

Why don’t you love me?

Cry no more my children.

The day is near when I will wake.

Trembling quakes will come.

And those of you who hurt me will be beneath me.

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