The “free-range” security blanket

We do comprehend the public’s desire for a nice, cozy security-blanket, however, the difference between a corporate push, whether for or against “free-range” animal agriculture, makes no viable difference to life on this planet, including human life.

Corporate lobbyists for the animal agriculture industry, who have been proponents of both factory farming, as well as “free-range” procedures, flooding the public with propaganda for a number of years, are only one side of a very destructive coin.

The other side of that coin resides with the general public. People actually wish to be lied to. The simple truth of the matter is that regardless of where we slaughter animals or employ animal agriculture, all life on this planet began to severely degrade once the human population reached over 2 billion.

This reality is in direct relation to the way that we currently live as a civilization of exploiters of other life-forms. If only the general public would begin to wrap their minds around the fact that no matter where you exploit “livestock” animals, so long as the same demand exists for products derived from them, the same number of animals must be utilized to support the industry.

Obviously, this signifies that the same environmental stresses will not magically disappear, no matter where we employ animal agriculture. The main cause of environmental degradation linked to animal agriculture is, after all, based on the inordinate grain production and grazing required to feed the current number of “livestock” animals in the industry. That will not change under “free-range” conditions.

Likewise, so long as the same demand exists for animal-based products, the industry will employ similar brutal tactics to keep the supply up to par with the demand. Hormones will still be utilized, antibiotics will still be administered and animals will continue being subjected to abuse in order to cater to whatever human “need” for their flesh, lactation or eggs requires.

Truly, this is not a very complicated reality to understand. People, in general, simply do not wish to see the truth because a nice, cozy security-blanket feels so much better. Their own posterity is apparently not important enough for certain individuals to open their eyes, face the truth and alter their lifestyle.

When you peel back the layers of the corporate “spin” on animal agriculture, the insatiable desire amid the general public to continue eating animal-based products at any cost and the sheer lack of reason employed by all parties involved, what we can easily identify is a civilization of beings most willing to believe anything which informs them that it is acceptable to consume the future of their own posterity.

The AELLA Team

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