Prominent Wildlife Activist, Shehla Masood, Tragically Murdered in India

Shehla Masood was one of the strongest voices in the tiger conservation front. Her deep passion fueled her undying commitment to wildlife, the environment, and humanity. She was unafraid to speak the truth, unwilling to stand by and witness the injustices against those without a voice, and was intensely committed to making a difference in the world. Yet, today, it is with great sorrow that we report that this beautiful warrior has been tragically murdered in cold blood.

Read full article by the Bush Warriors here.

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It takes a 73 year old man and his will power to lead a country where the average age is 26 years. Where is Corporate India? Where is the Premier Management crowd ? Where is Bollywood ? Where is Sports India? We live in a country where each one is interested in filling their coffers…..

Its not “India Shine” its “India Shame” time now.