The Crumbling Difference Between Wrong & Right

Seeping through the day light hours, early morning blood baths

And cant you see their lives are suffering?

They look up from their helplessness, screaming children and families ending

Waiting for the darkness descending into

The crumbling difference between wrong and right

Praying through the blood, will you look through despair and see that they are dying

Into the waters and on the shores nightmares waken and stumble

We think we translate pain, we think we can hear their final hours

Breaking down we become a voice collective, in unity we cry

For them

For us

This dying planet we pledge

We will find a way to do away

With the crumbling difference between wrong and right

But the center falls away and the voiceless become meaningless

Among the savage factions that now grow from the Movement

Collective to the Movement Divided

We look up into the growing chasm, splintered and selfish who will accept no other way

but their own

And cant you see their lives are suffering?

A Movement of just, a Movement of compassion we echo to empty chairs and empty hallways

Filled with egos and nothing more

Where we stand on soap boxes, and blog sites and fail to see

The crumbling difference between wrong and right

We may talk like lions, but we sacrifice like lambs

For the crumbling difference between who is wrong and who is right

The blood still spills, the forsaken cling to cages in labs

The fur is torn away and the life within dies screaming

Children too are left starving and the dolphins stare sightlessly

Through glass

At a sea they will never feel again,

Wondering, remembering, waiting,

For the crumbling remains of a world divided

For a movement of compassion to unite a people that have one aim,

To end the cruelty, to free the prisoners, to feed the mouths left parched and black

But they are still waiting, whilst we argue and malign

Losing sight of heaven, their eyes growing dim

As the Movement unravels from within

All for the crumbling differences of perspective

Between wrong and right.

Marla Stormwolf-Patty
Vice-PresidentĀ of AELLA

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