April 27, 2012

Activists have no business promoting the agenda of corporate lobbyists

UPDATE: Be advised that Charity Navigator has issued a donor advisory in reference to the Center for Consumer Freedom and the Center For Consumer Freedom has changed its name to the Center For Organizational Research & Education. The Center For Organizational Research & Education has launched a campaign geared toward attacking environmental[…]

April 19, 2012

If God is watching

I am not personally, a religious individual, yet, I am also not an atheist. I feel that there is a spiritual connection between all living things, but I can not allow myself to label it with any terminologies thus far invented by humanity. I can neither prove, nor can I[…]

March 29, 2012

Congolese citizens call for transparency on oil exploratory issue

Sign the petition, which will automatically email the Congolese authorities to halt exploratory oil drilling in Virunga National Park! Message from Bantu Lukambo Managing Director & CEO at IDPE(Innovation for the Development and Protection of Environment) in communication with civil society living in and around Block V near Lake Edward in the[…]

March 21, 2012

Animal products are not on the menu for the environmentally concerned

Why do citizens continue allowing governments to ignore the many ecologic “time-bombs” that are mainly forged by the human exploit of animal agriculture? The majority of the Earth’s attainable fresh-water supply, vast expanses of rain forest, over half of the planet’s wetlands, nearly half of every edible grain that humanity[…]

March 12, 2012

Open letter to spiritual and religious leaders of all faith from the STOPCRUSH.ORG initiative

With humility and respect, we write to you in an attempt to ask that you publicly condemn the horrific underground industry that fuels the animal crush interest. It is our belief, that your word would hold great strength against those who generate these detestable, society degrading depictions. Whilst there are[…]

March 2, 2012

Mercy For Animals hosts protest against “Ag-Gag” legislation in Iowa

Mercy For Animals hosted a great turn out today for a protest against “Ag-Gag” legislation in Iowa which drew attention from the Des Moines Register. For those interested in keeping free speech alive in this country, the animal agricultural industry is attempting a major coup in many states across America.[…]

February 22, 2012


Some have asked us why we chose to use the acronym, AELLA, to represent our organization. I actually came up with something similar to the word, which was short one letter from its current “AELLA” when I first named the group. I was struck by that acronym and couldn’t figure[…]

February 16, 2012

Utah Residents – Stand up and say NO to “AG-GAG” Legislation!

UTAH RESIDENTS: – Representative John Mathis(R), has labelled animal rights activist whistle-blowers as “animal-rights terrorists” for taking videos or photos on farmers’ property without permission in order to expose cruelty to animals. Of course, Mathis is himself, a part-time farmer and fears that the media garnered by activists is aimed[…]

February 7, 2012

Iowa Residents – Stand up and say NO to the “new spin” angle on “AG-GAG” Legislation!

The FARM FACILITY FRAUD ACT: The Iowa Senate opened debate on a measure seeking to create a crime of “agricultural production facility fraud” for anyone who obtains employment or access to a farm or food-processing operation under false pretenses with the intent to commit an act not authorized by the[…]

February 1, 2012

Minnesota Residents – Stand up and say NO to “AG-GAG” Legislation!

MINNESOTA RESIDENTS: – Please sign the petition to keep undercover investigations legal in Minnesota HERE. Minnesota House Representative Rod Hamilton and Minnesota Senator Doug Magnus have introduced new “Ag-Gag” legislation into the Minnesota legislature, which would criminalize the actions of whistle-blowers in the agricultural industry. Again, what is the agricultural[…]

January 19, 2012

Florida Residents – Stand up and say NO to “AG-GAG” Legislation!

FLORIDA RESIDENTS: Once again, State Senator Jim Norman is drafting bills at the request of his agricultural-corporate sponsors like Wilton Simpson of Simpson Farms(Pasco County, Florida producer of over 20 million eggs, annually) in an effort to criminalize as a felony, the undercover documentation of farming procedures. What are they[…]

January 9, 2012

Who are the real terrorists; the “whistle-blowers” or the corporations that are silencing them?

For those of you who still eat meat/dairy products, are lax in recycling, forget your eco-friendly bags when shopping, drive ridiculous petroleum-guzzling vehicles and purchase items that are harmful to the planet in general without a care in the world: I know that you are concerned in regard to your[…]

November 18, 2011

Dispelling the notion that animal agriculture is beneficial to the environment

An increasing number of farmers or friends thereof, continue making the ecologically uneducated claim that animal agriculture, in specific, setting cows to pasture, is beneficial to the environment. I can only assume that their theory is based on the idea that cows, in free pasture, fertilize the land that they[…]

October 17, 2011

Alliance for Earth, Life, Liberty & Advocacy

Message from the team: The main goal of AELLA is to do whatever we can to raise global awareness, altering the way that humanity sees itself and the world around it. There is an extremely pointed need to educate the public in regards to the devastation that animal agriculture/animal exploitation[…]