Helping Hands for the Homeless at North Hollywood Park

On October the 26th, AELLA and the STOPCRUSH.ORG initiative supported Karen Hamza’s Angel Hanz for the Homeless by funding a healthy vegan meal for the homeless at North Hollywood Park, prepared by Betty Barns’s Bikini Bites vegan catering. The turnout […]

Hunters: An Ecological Disaster

Editorial By Marla Stormwolf Patty Comment by PRO-HUNTING man: “without hunters, there would be no wildlife left, they give millions of dollars to conservation”. Comment by CONSERVATIONIST: “Because of hunters there is very little wildlife […]

Targeting the Animal Crush Interest

At, we very well understand and agree with everyone who wants animal crush “models” to be stopped. This a given, however, please remember that taking away the ability of animal crush video producers to […]

City of Bradenton, Florida: Take responsibility for animals

Sign the petition HERE, to the City of Bradenton, Florida, Department of Public Works, urging them to take proper responsibility for wildlife and stray domesticated animals. The members of AELLA would like to report on […]

Stripping Away the Deforestation Blinders

It would be foolish to label the current rate of planetary deforestation as merely “frightening”. A detailed study regarding this truly terrifying issue should, in fact, stop the heart of every cognizant human being living […]

Bear-Baiting Blood-Lust by Ella Logan

CLICK HERE TO ASK NEW HAMPSHIRE TO BAN BEAR BAITING For a description of what State of New Hampshire Fish and Game labels as “bear-baiting” and what acts it will legally distribute permits for, please […]

A cry from the wolves

My family is mostly gone. I watched the last hunter shoot my son as I tried to drag my daughter behind the trees to protect her. He fought the bullet inside him. He was so […]

Ukraine environmentalist brutally beaten to death

Ukraine – Volodymyr Goncharenko, the 57 year old Chairman of the Social Movement of Ukraine For the Rights of Citizens & Environmental Security, was brutally beaten to death. The horrific news came just days after […]

Vivisection: The Banality of Evil

In the morning, a man strapped a female to a table with the help of two other men and began to cut into the screaming female with indifference. He then decided to inject her eyes […]