Pastor David Kisaame says:

Hello Aella
Great work you are doing to protect and advocate for the right of Animals
I started this program 8 years ago but due to lack of good teachers to teach our team , the progress has been slow
I request you join us in Uganda by providing a teaching Team to us
Will be glad to hear from you with a positive response soon

lavinia says:

Getting children educated with regards to animals being sentient is a good idea. The Ministry of Education would have to be involved in the change. Explaining children to choose as a career Journalism to write in favor of activists and animals could help a lot.

Jennifer Weir says:

Thank you for the work you do to raise awareness about the tragedies of our planet.

Vegan girl says:

One thing I think needs to be brought to the attention of animal rights advocates is that mainstream media, whether it be film literature or television, has a knack for making a mockery of the animal rights movement. Of course most of the time animal rights is largely ignored in most modern entertainment, the fact that the few instances where it is given attention it is either portrayed ignorantly or insultingly is a larger problem then I think most ar activists realize. Media is a powerful tool for shaping public belief. The depictions of animal rights activists as overly emotional, naive and whiny, animals as unfeeling, disposable automatons made of flesh who posses the emotional capacity of plants are severely damaging to the animal rights cause. As they make the general public apathetic and resentful of the very notion of animals having rights. I really think more animal rights activists should consider creating media (particularly literature) that positively portrays animals as sentient, thinking, feeling individuals. As well as positive portrayls of ar advocates. I’ve always wondered why so few people consider this an effective way to increase the moral status of animals in modern society. As I stated before, the media is a powerful tool for shaping public belief. And I think positive, respectful media portrayls could be a powerful way of increasing public opinion of both the animal rights movement and animals themselves.

A recent post has appeared on your twitter page that involves Mary Cummins, President of Animal Advocates. She has been stalking and defaming our nonprofit for the past 10 months and we are now suing her in an attempt to get her harassment stopped. Please see the following link for the entire story. We would very much appreciate your removing the tweet posted on May 2nd about our organization. I hate to waste your time with this, but I have great respect for what you do and it is important to me that you know the truth:
Thank you. Amanda Lollar.

Anthony says:

Our apologies, Mary. We will remove the tweet and research the issue more thoroughly. Thanks so much for letting us know and please feel free to contact us via facebook or at our email as well at