The biggest problems we face regarding extinction relate directly to animal agriculture. For obvious reasons, it is a difficult subject to tackle because of the vast effect that the factory farming(which we at AELLA like to refer to as the “factory food” industry, because it encompasses fast food) has on the entire planet.

The enormous amount of methane generated by the factory food industry far exceeds the devastation caused by carbon emissions, leading to accelerated global heating. It also sets the stage for human starvation. Over 18,000 children die from starvation each day(some 40,000 humans in total, daily) partly due to the dealings of the animal agriculture industry. When one considers that if all humans lived on a vegetable based diet, that no child would go hungry, we have an obligation to rethink the way we live.

Factory food is also the main cause of human health problems, deforestation, mass pollution, draught, overfishing and in general, some of the worst forms of animal exploitation/brutality imaginable. In essence, we as the human animal are in just as much danger as every species that shares the planet with us, due to our own apathy and resistance to evolve into something better than we have led ourselves to believe we can become.

Factory food, partnered with our interference and intrusion upon wildlife habitat has caused a severe imbalance, globally. Our planet loses over 135 known planet and animal species each day to extinction, due to our folly. It is estimated that we have only identified approximately 50% of the life which exists on our planet, therefore, we may be responsible for the extinction of many more. This is an unreasonable statistic, but such is the effect that the human animal has on the Earth, when our actions go unchecked.

At AELLA, we wish to forge a new campaign that will provide an in depth picture for all those who choose to listen regarding these facts and options pertaining to what can be done about this monumental issue. This campaign will be broad and arduous, requiring many advocate volunteers, worldwide. We will not cease or desist with our efforts until every human being, at the very least, is presented with the information regarding this issue.

We will introduce the “Stop Buying Extinction” campaign when we have acquired the proper funds to begin generating/distributing comprehensive, physical literature that our supporters can use as teaching tools. Please read our mission statement HERE and help us in this trying endeavor as we forge ahead to educate humanity. We can no longer ignore the issues facing our world out of fear, apathy and despair. We owe it to the continuance of our posterity to move forward in defense of all life on our planet, courageously and faithfully.

Thank you so much for your precious time.
The AELLA team

I think your website is a great place to gather information and sign petitons and I and see you have promoted quite a few animal activist sites such as Mercy for Animals and ASPCA but not Peta? Peta was started by Ingrid Newkirk 30 years ago and has rescued thousands if not millions of animals as a result of direct activism. The more resources people have assess to the better to help the animals, Hope to see Peta on your site as a supporter.

Thanks for caring about the animals.