Vivisection: The Banality of Evil

In the morning, a man strapped a female to a table with the help of two other men and began to cut into the screaming female with indifference. He then decided to inject her eyes with bleach and stood back whilst her eyes scorched and burned.

The men traded jokes whilst she screamed and cried but they just stood there laughing. He leaned in now and checked her eyes, satisfied that she was now blinded, he went to work on her eye lids, taking a scalpel and cutting her lids off.

She whimpered and vomited from the agony, her vocal cords now shredded and raw from screaming. He bottled her eyelids for acid testing later. The other two men now pried her mouth open with metal clamps whilst the other man began to funnel bleach into her stomach.

Foam came out her nose, then blood, and then mucus tissue, as the bleach horrifically burned her throat and stomach. Her destroyed eyes glazed over and the unbearable agony stretched into hell. Life signs terminated in 2 hours.

That’s how long it took for her to die in unspeakable agony.

They watched her closely whilst eating their lunches. As she was about to die, they cut a C-Section and pulled her unborn baby from her womb.

“Did it survive the bleaching?” one of the men asked

“Nah”, said the other man in irritation, “Now we’re going to have to do it again and I wanted to be out of here early tonight to catch the game”.

The third man shook his head “We’ll do it quick, we got another pregnant one ready to pop,” he laughed. “She’s all in her cage making a nest”.

The men laughed.

“Well, get her collared and brought in here, we need to get these bleach studies to the board or we don’t make our grants next year”, said the vivisectionist.

The vivisectionist left the room to get his next torture victim, a young pregnant primate. The second vivisectionist was unstrapping the dead primate mother to be, whilst the third vivisectionist was wrapping up her dead infant in a hazard bag, when he stopped and remarked, “And let’s use more bleach, kill her faster this time so we can check infant vitals, I want to see the game!”

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: The text above is a loosely based account of testing acid, bleach and other substances for poison assessment on pregnant primates, and other animals that goes on in most vivisection labs across the country of the United States and other countries, vivisection is carried out by both men and women in these labs. The conversation in the above note was inspired and in parts taken from several undercover footage videos taken at labs that can be viewed on YouTube and other formats. The text is inspired by the image from the University of Florida animal testing labs, taken recently, the text did not occur at the Florida of University.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP STOP THIS HORROR: Here’s a little of what you can do to help stop it. Write to your legislators and demand animal testing be discontinued in your State. If you can, do not enroll in universities and colleges who support and participate in animal testing. The laws have to be changed, public pressure has to be mobilised, campaigning, demonstrating, supporting all legislation that demands a halt to medical testing has to be paramount. Not supporting companies, universities, and other facilities that endorses and does this, supporting the efforts of organisations who are trying to get this stopped goes along way as well.

If there is no organisation in your area, start one. Other activists can help you get started. Start a blog site, do a book report on it in school, share other sites trying to stop medical testing. Come to conferences where you will meet other like minded people who simply want the horror to stop and moral values taught to our children so that this doesn’t continue on to other generations.

Remember, dissection is a gateway to vivisection, so ask your childrens schools to consider other means in Biology classes, speak up as a parent and demand your child not be forced to cut into animals.

Go to websites that have the names of all companies that test on animals BEFORE you purchase your everyday household, beauty products, ect… You are the consumer, and if you stop buying products tested on animals, this will hurt those engaging in medical testing.

Stand up and be a voice for the voiceless. You are not alone, there are many of us speaking out. Add your voice to the greater good. Help us to end horrific medical testing on living beings.

Thank you for your time in reading this. Please share and help raise awareness.

Marla Stormwolf-Patty
Vice-President of AELLA

Liner Note: Political theorist Hannah Arendt coined the phrase “banality of evil” – a stage when we are no longer able to discern evil because we are already accepting of it.

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What kind of human can even perform this?!? I don’t understand….these people are vicious and I’m not sure how they live with their actions. Scary

This is horrible. I only hope that the same animal activists get as upset about tiny HUMANS that are dismembered and ripped out in pieces out of their mothers womb. Stopping a heart beat and a precious life all in one. And how loud do they scream in pain and in agony as they lay in pieces on the table of the abortionist all in the name of CHOICE or a woman’s right to choose to murder in cold blood. Lets not forget to be the voice for ALL of the voiceless.

I have read these notes in full a few years back. It was for Clorox company testing their bleach. I can’t find the notes anywhere. This is the only thing I’ve found talking about it. I wish you would have posted the original memo’s and not have it be a loosely based account. I think any reference to these notes have been removed from any search site. Thanks for posting. From what you wrote, these words were exactly what was written in the originals.

Vivisection is evil and cruel. the people who do these things to animals deserve the worst in life – if there is an afterlife I am 100% sure they will burn in hell. i am not a vegetarian but i am trying to reduce my meat intake and eat only that which i know is organic. to torture a living being is unforgivable – to do it in the name of research is disgusting. i would rather die than know that innocent beings suffered in agony for me to live. the vivisectors are nothing more than glorified nazis. to hurt animals like this is to bleed the earth and to bleed humanity. i am really trying to boycott these evil sadists and their work. i hope everyone recognizes how horrific and evil all of this is. as long as animals suffer we will also suffer. 93% of these studies fail – 93%!!! unbelievable that people make excuses for these sub-human psychopaths to practice their disgusting medieval cruelty!

Fucking awful… we can prevent this from happening.

This was only 2 years ago too? … they were probably testing a new beauty product too…
Public, if you read this then there’s a pretty good chance you were moved a bit by what is happening.


With little to no effort just look for the products with the cruelty free bunny symbol. all pure vegan based and no animal testing. Do you think the companies who made products from this purely unnecessary evil give a shit about your skin either? of course not.. it’s all about profit.

Buy vegan only products. It’s that simple.

There are sadists everywhere, this is sadists without feelings for any Life, i wonder how they the can sleep at night, how they can look their own kids in the Eyes after this horribles tortures.

I’m crying and feeling sick as I read this. I had no idea! How is this allowed? When I was in university our rules were so strict re: not harming any animals and yet other universities are doing this? How savage are we? For shame…

Vivisection is the most vile, immoral, academically and intellectually dishonest forms of animal abuse.

This is on of the most horrible animal abuse stories I have ever heard carried. These scientists are pure sadists, no better than Dr. Mengele. This must stop and the perpetrators should be punished.

Thank you very much for posting this information. It has touched me deeply and emotionally as well. I’m a consumer who has turned a blind eye to the reality of these horrific practices.
I’m unable to take on much as I’m on disability and it’s difficult to be too active with much. I anticipate the ability to change with surgery, which will allow me to get back to a normal life of working and getting active in undertaking efforts to stop these inhumane practices.
You’re a very good person to have shared this. We are stewards of the earth, not owners. It’s vitally important that we strive for harmony among people and work towards the good of the greater, not for corporate greed. To that end, what I can do is research this issue and spread the word.
Thank you again for posting this vitally important information.

One of the most horrible things that humans have done, ever! All its about is grants and insurance money, anyway. Sick people torturing innocent animals and its totally legal!

These cowardly BASTARDS – Should be taken by people and have EXACTLY The same thing done to each of them. – They themselves dont deserve to Live now. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – And I make No Appology for the words that I have put.

i filled with tears and great sadness as i read this horrific story ..My heart goes to the mother and her baby .Its so painful to read this ..i can stop crying …i am so emotionally upset !!!