The River Xingu finds herself temporarily free again

Why are major media resources, television, radio and global newspapers, not covering the plight of the Kayapos in their struggle against the Belo Monte Dam project?

On June 15th of 2012, the indigenous peoples who rely on the Xingu for life sustainability, began tearing down the beginnings of The Belo Monte Dam on the day before The Rio Earth Summit, where Chief Raoni is slated to speak to the world about the corporate agenda which plans on destroying countless square miles of rain forest, the Xingu River itself, as well as hundreds of thousands of indigenous peoples’ lives.

Brazil’s President, Dilma Rousseff, has been apathetic toward the decimation and devastation that the Belo Monte Dam project represents. Flooding of Brazil’s rain forest will be disastrous for the entire global ecosystem and the Belo Monte dam slated to be built on this location, is only one of some 59 dams in total, to be constructed.

Please stand with the Kayapos. Don’t be silent. They aren’t only fighting for their future. They are fighting for the future of human posterity. We are already destroying vast areas of rain forest, losing irreplaceable biodiversity(plant and animal) by triple-digit numbers to extinction through the exploit of animal agriculture, every single day. We can not afford to allow the Brazilian government to bulldoze their way through the indigenous peoples, building hydroelectric dams that will flood and devastate extensive areas of even more precious rain forest.

Inform friends, pressure media sources to cover the issue and get involved. Wake up to the reality that this will affect the future of your children, as well as the children of the indigenous people of the Brazilian rain forest…Stand with and support Chief Raoni for continuance.

The AELLA team

Amazonian Communities Occupy the Belo Monte Dam Site To Free the Xingu River

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