Developing New American Biological Weapons of Mass Destruction

Please click on the photo above, to explore a virus in atomic detail.

We were sent an alert from a friend and fellow activist, who had received an email alerting the public about a biological research facility under construction. The email was from a man named Robert Cohen at We needed to do our own research in order to find out if this nightmare was a reality. When we did look into it, we found out that it was horrifyingly true.

We all must spread awareness in regard to this incredibly disturbing news and speak out against the severe bio-hazard threat that it represents to all of us. Biological warfare is nothing new. The fact that governments are still seeking ways to rid their “enemies”(which shifts from day to day..and ofttimes, these weapons are employed against a government’s own people) through means of biological weapons, is a danger to every life-form on this planet. Plum Island, off of the New York coast, has been testing biological weapons for years.

What are biological weapons? Imagine, if you will, a virus so deadly that it has a 99% kill ratio. Imagine what would happen if this virus jumped the net and became global? Why would humanity believe that it can control a virus that has been around longer than a time when dinosaurs walked the earth and lived through every natural, or unnatural disaster inflicted on the planet?

Viruses have a deadly potential. They are some of the simplest and most resourceful life-forms. The fact that they have existed, evolving so efficiently for so long, should succinctly indicate to the “powers that be” that we have no control over biological weapons.

If, for example, the Reston virus jumped confinement and went airborne, everyone the virus made contact with  in the surrounding cities would be dead inside of 6 to 14 days, give or take the incubation and gestation period of said virus…everyone. Ebola virus is so hot that it can jump hosts from across a room. How? During the final throes of a host’s death, the virus looks for another host. It then sends the dying host into wild convulsions that spray blood, mucus and saliva everywhere. If you have a hang nail, and a drop of this lands on it…you will most likely be infected. Please research this information for yourself, prior to disbelieving.

Viruses are seductive life forms, with an almost “inhumane” way of modifying to their environment; that being, their hosts, which they kill whilst infecting others. Viruses jump species at an alarming rate and for many, there is no cure…none.

Class 4 bio-hazard viruses are such that they are almost alien in their pursuit to seek out and destroy with complete indifference. You can not reason or beg for mercy from a virus. It is the perfect killing machine and its logic is set on autopilot. Everything evolves and eventually, given enough time inside of a host. a virus may even adapt adequately enough to form a rudimentary system of problem solving. What does this mean, exactly?

A virus can, in its simplicity, begin to evolve whilst living inside the host for longer periods of time. Eventually, it can evolve to form an autonomic awareness of the host, problem solving for more efficient ways to live throughout the hosts system, without a great deal of collateral damage being done to the host, until a longer duration of dormant activity can slowly weaken said host. During that time period, the host is interacting with other forms of life and the virus jumps through saliva, air and blood. It doesn’t even require the amount that would populate the tip of a needle.

The United States government is moving the lab at Plum Island, off of the island and into the Midwest. That’s right, off a contained island and into the “heartland” of America.

Where is this being developed for further testing? The Homeland Security Biological Animal Research laboratory is to be constructed at the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, Kansas.

If a Level 4 Virus breaks loose in the middle of the United States, mad cow disease will be the least of the world’s problems. It is our opinion that government testing to sustain animal agriculture bio-hazard safety, is simply a rouse, anyway. The real reason for a military funded operation, will always have a connection to biological weapons research. They will be testing on primates, and there are few reasons to test on primates at a military research facility.

One obvious reason is to study Level 4 Class Hazard filoviruses like Ebola, Reston, AIDS(AIDS is actually a Class 2, which should adequately explain how deadly Class 4 viruses are) and Marburg. These viruses are the hottest on the planet.

Digging into this terrifying reality in depth, researching in regard to the politically motivated activity connected to the issue, one could theorize that it coincides with the timing of several initiatives to silence activists, including, but not limited to, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act(states that if protesters lobby against federal buildings or businesses and cause said institutions any monetary loss, the protesters will be labelled in the same category as terrorists) becoming law during the Bush administration, with no opposition from the Senate, Congress and strangely enough, nor from the ACLU(who in fact, actually helped “tailor” the bill).

Furthermore, this facility will also be the first of its kind; a level 4 bio-hazard testing facility under the direct control of Homeland Security, and out of the hands of the United States Agriculture Division. This will signify that as a pseudo-military operation, they can technically take human prisoners as well, and house them at the facility. The possible ramifications behind this issue is mind-numbing.

Now, here is where it really gets scary. Aren’t there earthquake fault lines in Kansas? You bet there are! One of them runs right through Manhattan. Maybe you didn’t quite catch that, so we will repeat it. The United States government is building a level 4 bio-hazard experimental testing facility on a fault line in the “heartland” of America, where one of the largest earthquakes was in recorded U.S. history…in a state, also known to be regularly hit by extreme tornado activity…brilliant! Please click on the map below to see information regarding this location’s seismology status.

Viruses do not follow safety protocol. If a tornado or an earthquake hits that facility, or even if a researcher leaves a door open, a vent, a waste bag outside…we are effectively in serious trouble. That’s how simple it is to wake the “Sphinx from centuries of stony sleep and slumber towards Bethlehem to be reborn”. Please read Ryan Kath’s article(with video) discussing the issue for the sake of validity HERE…just in case you don’t believe us.

How can the United States citizens allow this extreme bio-threat to move forward? The Plum Island lab should have been shut down long ago to begin with. Now, the government is creating a level 4 bio-hazard experimental testing facility on a fault line in the “heartland” of America, where one of the largest earthquakes was in recorded U.S. history, in a state, also known to be regularly hit by extreme tornado activity. Why would the United States government even consider doing such a thing and are American citizens in a constant state of slumber?

Please do not turn a blind eye to this severe bio-threat to life. This lab is a facility of mass destruction.

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