Courageous Saudi woman defies “religious police”

Please click on the photo above to join “The uprising of women in the Arab world” Facebook page. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – At a mall in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, a courageous […]

Shark finning: Plight of the shark

The 2011 United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization report “The Future of Sharks: A Review of Action and Inaction”, which was generated to discuss any progress made in regard to shark conservation over the last […]

The “free-range” security blanket

We do comprehend the public’s desire for a nice, cozy security-blanket, however, the difference between a corporate push, whether for or against “free-range” animal agriculture, makes no viable difference to life on this planet, including human […]

Mother Nature Crying, a poem by Jamie D. Montalvo

A very intelligent and caring 9 year old girl named Jamie D. Montalvo, has sent us a poem in regard to how she feels about the vast animal slaughter and environmental degradation currently plaguing our […]