If God is watching

I am not personally, a religious individual, yet, I am also not an atheist. I feel that there is a spiritual connection between all living things, but I can not allow myself to label it with any terminologies thus far invented by humanity. I can neither prove, nor can I disprove the existence of a god.

In regard to most religions, if the followers of said theologies acted toward all life in the way that their messiahs and prophets once did, the world might be a better place today, however, for the most part, they do not. Many people can not see past the confines of their own existence and personal desires.

Their specific belief of a god may reflect an all-providing and an infinitely-giving entity. Well, the Earth is not such an entity. What exists on the Earth by way of life-sustainability in what we see as “resources”, is quite finite.

That being said, I have no issue with a belief in a god, although, one thing that I can not and will not believe in, is a god who would condone a human failure to ensure its own posterity’s life-sustainability, which is what we will all be guilty of in the continuance of animal product consumption employed by a population of so many human beings.

Therefore, if someone does not even have the courage to inspect the information that we, as activists for life, are imparting for the benefit of human posterity and fully research the validity of said information for themselves, then what right do they have arguing in baseless fashion or invoking the approval of any god, whatsoever? This is why it is generally best to keep arguments based on factual scientific information, evidence and statistics…not matters of faith.

I do not need to hear what man has to say or has written about God. I do not wish to argue about whether God does or does not exist. If God does exist, I will only pray that more people begin searching for said god within their own hearts and that they cast aside selective compassion, opening the door to compassion for all life.

If God is watching, testing and judging, keep in mind that as a collective species, we are all failing one another quite miserably. If I, myself, can not find a way to reach those who refuse to hear, then along with everyone else, I am equally responsible for that failure.

Anthony Damiano
President of AELLA

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