Mercy For Animals hosts protest against “Ag-Gag” legislation in Iowa

Mercy For Animals hosted a great turn out today for a protest against “Ag-Gag” legislation in Iowa which drew attention from the Des Moines Register.

For those interested in keeping free speech alive in this country, the animal agricultural industry is attempting a major coup in many states across America. They have lobbied for the drafting of bills that they their political allies in Congress and Senate are attempting to mold into law, which will make it a federal offense to reveal any undercover footage that shows abuses on farms.

This form of legislation will also dissolve the right for consumers to see where their food comes from or what goes into that food. One thing is for certain, animal agriculture “big-wigs” do not want the public to see what is happening behind closed doors in the farming industry.

Please take a moment of your time to call Governor of Iowa, Terry Bradstad’s office and politely remind him that he works for YOU, not for the animal agriculture conglomerates which are trying to make it a felony for you to find out what is happening in the agricultural industry.

Peaceful demonstrations will be held wherever these bills grow close to becoming enacted to inform lawmakers that the animal agriculture industry does not have the power to control free speech in America or your right to know the truth.

Right now, we need to tell Governor Terry Bradstad of Iowa that this bill is a violation of our free speech. DO NOT LET THIS BILL PASS TO LAW! If you are an Iowa resident, please use this form to to urge Governor Branstad to veto SF 431/HF 589!

Please also call Governor Terry Bradstad’s office at (515)281-5211 and voice your deep concerns about this unconstitutional legislation and vist the Mercy For Animals article on the protest HERE!

In attendance for the protest were John Braumann of Citizens Against Ag-Gag Legislation and Coty Hohanshelt of The Patrick Miracle. Join John Braumann’s growing fight on Facebook against “Ag-Gag” legislation in the United States by visiting and supporting the Citizens Against Ag-Gag Legislation page HERE.

Marla Stormwolf-Patty
Vice-President of AELLA

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