Utah Residents – Stand up and say NO to “AG-GAG” Legislation!

UTAH RESIDENTS: – Representative John Mathis(R), has labelled animal rights activist whistle-blowers as “animal-rights terrorists” for taking videos or photos on farmers’ property without permission in order to expose cruelty to animals. Of course, Mathis is himself, a part-time farmer and fears that the media garnered by activists is aimed at destroying the agriculture industry.

First of all, if there is nothing wrong with abusing animals and the industry has nothing else to hide, why are you attempting to shroud the actions taking place in said industry, Mr. Congressman? Secondly, how do you equate an act of compassion for another life-form with “terrorism”? Is it because such an act may have the capacity to cost you money?

“There are groups with the stated purpose to do away with animal agriculture, and that’s egregious — that’s egregious to me,” Mathis told legislators this week. “The animal welfare movement has become an animal rights movement, and that’s wrong.”

Actually Congressman Mathis, the animal welfare movement is somewhat far from where our ideology rests in the animal rights movement. The animal welfare movement simply wishes you to treat animals with some amount of respect, whereas, we in the animal rights movement, do indeed wish to undermine the animal agriculture industry by exposing said industry for what it is. It might behoove you to learn the difference between the two. Just a suggestion, Congressman.

Mathis’ bill, HB187, would make “agricultural operation interference” a crime, a class A misdemeanor on the first offense, a third-degree felony for the second offense.

Again, this is no different than any other animal agriculture endeavor geared toward hiding the horrific activities that occur on a regular basis in the industry. Why try to hide so vehemently, that which you stand by so staunchly? Why are you so afraid that undercover footage will “destroy the industry”, Congressman Mathis?

Utah residents, We seriously encourage you to contact your local representatives HERE, both in the Senate and House, telling them that you do not accept the idea of criminalizing undercover footage of farm procedures in an effort to  satiate industries and silence truth. The general public has every right to know what goes on behind closed doors in farming procedures and representatives in both Congress, as well as the Senate, have no business attempting to remove such rights from citizens. Legislators have gone too far, pressing the agenda of suppressing the rights of citizens, whilst ignoring the NEEDS of citizens.

We can not, not in any fashion, understand how, in the United States of America, certain legislators are getting away with proposing such heinous travesties. Thus far, committee has voted 10-3 to move the measure forward to a vote in the entire House. This bill can move no further. Please sign the Care2 petition against this improper legislation HERE!

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