Some have asked us why we chose to use the acronym, AELLA, to represent our organization. I actually came up with something similar to the word, which was short one letter from its current “AELLA” […]

Utah Residents – Stand up and say NO to “AG-GAG” Legislation!

UTAH RESIDENTS: – Representative John Mathis(R), has labelled animal rights activist whistle-blowers as “animal-rights terrorists” for taking videos or photos on farmers’ property without permission in order to expose cruelty to animals. Of course, Mathis […]

Minnesota Residents – Stand up and say NO to “AG-GAG” Legislation!

MINNESOTA RESIDENTS: – Please sign the petition to keep undercover investigations legal in Minnesota HERE. Minnesota House Representative Rod Hamilton and Minnesota Senator Doug Magnus have introduced new “Ag-Gag” legislation into the Minnesota legislature, which […]