Florida Residents – Stand up and say NO to “AG-GAG” Legislation!

FLORIDA RESIDENTS: Once again, State Senator Jim Norman is drafting bills at the request of his agricultural-corporate sponsors like Wilton Simpson of Simpson Farms(Pasco County, Florida producer of over 20 million eggs, annually) in an effort to criminalize as a felony, the undercover documentation of farming procedures. What are they attempting to hide from you?

Florida House “AG-GAG” bill H1021, voted “favorable” by the Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee on January 11th is sponsored by Ben Albritton. It prohibits knowing entry upon & unauthorized recording of sounds or images of farm or farm operation.

Florida Senate “AG-GAG” Bill S1184, pending Senate Agriculture Committee is sponsored by Jim Norman(big shocker). It prohibits knowing entry upon & unauthorized recording of sounds or images of farm or farm operation.

In case you would like to ask Florida State Senator Jim Norman’s office what he is thinking by consistently attempting to dismantle the rights of citizens, here is the contact information:

14031 N. Dale Mabry Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33618
Phone: (813) 265-6260
In Tallahassee: (850) 487-5068
Email: norman.jim.web@flsenate.gov

Considering that Senator Norman also has Florida House Representative Ben Albritton proposing his bill in the House, as well, you may wish to contact his office, too.

150 North Central Avenue
Bartow, FL 33830-4742
Phone: (863) 534-0073
In Tallahassee: (850) 488-9465
Email: ben.albritton@myfloridahouse.gov

Find your Florida State Senate Representative at flsenate.gov HERE and tell them how you feel about these pieces of legislation!

Find your Florida State Congressional Representative at writerep.house.gov HERE and tell them that as Florida citizens, we will not accept these bills!

You can also sign the ASPCA’s petition against “AG-GAG” legislation in Florida HERE.

The AELLA Team

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Sounds like just another senator looking out for his contibutors for his re-election,or maybe just to have his name on yet another law of uselessness. Felony? Really even though raised for slaughter they still deserve respect.