November 2, 2011

Sign the petition to the European Parliament to stop vivisection

Please click the stop vivisection banner below to visit the STOP VIVISECTION EUROPE website and be a part of the movement against vivisection, globally. Signatures must be mailed in. Please click on your language at the top of the website, go to the “sign petition” page and print off the form. Fill out the form and mail it to the name/address indicated at the bottom of the form.

Please take the time to do this for the animals. Thank you.

Hugo says:

Save all animals!!!!!!

marci Mccauliff says:


Sylvia Jackson says:

Enough, stop it, it is barbaric.

Antonio Graneris says:

stop this cruelty 🙁

Shaun James Spencer says:

This is not done in the name of science nor is it done for the common good, it is simply sick, barbaric human beings (and I use that term lightly) doing to animals that can not defend them selves, what they would like to do to other human beings. A paedophile has more common decency.

Gisela Baehren says:

as a medical doctor I know, that vivisection isn´t really necessary in most of the cases !

Sylvia Jackson says:

Thank you for speaking out for those with no voice and no life.

Catherine Tingley says:

Stop this senseless act.

Samuel Fasano says:

we all long for raising our level of civilization, le’s start to behave civilized.

Annika Gullberg says:

Stop this abuse! As a human being I don´t want anything that comes out of this horrible treatment of animals. I´d rather die!

jarek zawisza says:

stop this cruel & unnecessary “experiments”

Angela Bandinelli says:


Craig Geiger says:

vivisection on animals is JUSt as horrid as the suffering of humans. This is never ok!

Elllen Dorfman says:

Hitler was horrid but vivisection on animals is JUSt as horrid!

Caitlin Stocker says:

This practice has proven itself to be not only primitive and barbaric, it’s also costly, ineffective and ultimately, pointless. Let’s get science past the centuries-old methodology and into effective, ethical practices.

Sylvia Jackson says:

It is time to STOP. This is wrong on so many levels. ENOUGH.

Naheed says:

Stop cruelty with animals.

anna gatto says:

no alla vivisezione subbito

stella ioannidou says:


Devyani Sen says:

Stop torturing animals.

roubeix says:

Rien ne justifie pareilles tortures au nom d’une pseudo science. Il serait grand temps que l’homme, au lieu de ne penser qu’à lui, commence par réparer les dégâts qu’il a causés et apprenne à respecter chaque source de vie, chaque être qui l’entoure.

Ruth Stefano says:

These are intelligent beings our relatives quite possible, Please find alternative means

Shona Lee says:

We must prevent the exploitation of different species, and stop treating them inhumanely!

michelle froding says:

End this now.If not just for them,but for you

Melissa says:

This picture is sad enough. Stop painfully testing on animals. They don’t deserve it.

Jessica Cook says:

Makes me sick!

karin fröschl says:

Vivisection needs to be stopped !

cathala Corine says:

Il faut que toute cette barbarie cesse et que ces savants fous arrêtent leurs horreurs

Patricio says:

Please, let us respect and love animals….when we are going to respect animals worldwide, then, a cure for Mankind will be appear…..Animals are living creatures who also suffer from torture as we humans do….