A special device of torture for animals in corporate agriculture

This is called a farrowing crate for nursing mothers on factory farms in the United States. A mother pig can not get to her young. A baby behind the mother on the left is dying in blood. She can hear the baby’s cries for help yet she can not even turn about to save her.

You can see the broken spirit in the eyes of the mother on the right, as she frantically tries to get to her baby. Those who can not see this for what it is, are simply numb inside.

This is just one of the devices that we employ, in order to further exploit and torture other life forms, turning them into short-lived machines, who pay a dear price, simply for being born into a world where humans see them as “property”. These beings are not “resources”. They are living, breathing, hurting members of our global family.

Animal agriculture becomes increasingly more well designed for “efficiency” every day. How do you think that they supply nearly 7 billion meat and dairy consumers? Where do you think that they grow the food to feed the 70 billion land-based animals in “livestock” conditions exploited and slaughtered each year? Perhaps, it is time that the meat and dairy consuming public begins asking these questions. Perhaps, it is time for you to take responsibility for your actions.

Everything is about money and the “powers that be” could care less about you, the animals, or the planet. Mass produce, mass exploit, mass torture…destroy the world through deforestation, pollution and increased greenhouse gas output, so long as the bottom line is healthy for them, not you, not your children.

That bacon double cheese burger, which is killing you and your children from the inside-out, is served on a plate of exploitation, suffering, brutality, murder, human starvation and global degradation.

How do we come to terms with this issue? How are we as humans, capable of performing such acts? How do we witness a mother and her children suffering, yet do nothing to stop it? How are we too foolish to see that what we do to these tortured souls now, will sow the seeds of our own extinction? Do we care enough about our own children to evolve into something better?

Humanity must change, if it is to survive.

The AELLA Team

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