Fetus soup? Irresponsibility and racism go hand-in-hand

We would like to draw everyone’s attention to another irresponsible article in regard to the ridiculous accusations against Asians in regard to the consumption of serving human fetuses as food in Asia here.

“Believers” in the “fetus soup” stories have been severely “duped” and by allowing themselves to “buy into” this, they give credibility to the orchestrator’s theory; that being, most westerners are exceedingly racist toward Asians(and yes, I realize that this was a racist act to begin with on his part, but it makes us no better for promoting it). Many people have been suckered in by the movie “Dumplings” and the work of an artist who wanted to prove how racist the west was toward Asians. He knew that people would fall for it.

The stills in blogs that you find on this “subject” are either taken from the horror film, “Dumplings” or from said artist who generated a show using either the bodies of other animals or fake science-fiction-style prop bodies, along with prop human baby heads. He then photographed himself, as well as others, eating the animal-parts and baby mannequin-head soup. To reiterate, he did this to prove racism against Asians was so strong that westerners would fall for anything. Look up the movie Dumplings here and go to Snopes here where they discuss this story’s falsehood. I am sorry to inform “believers” that Asians are not cooking “fetus soup” and serving it in corner restaurants.

Spreading this stuff about, as though it were real, is no different than blogging about the infamous, Freddy Krueger and insisting that if you fall asleep tonight, you are going to be hacked to bits by a crazed “bogeyman”. Again, you must somehow realize that if a story like this in regard to humans eating “fetus soup” were true, CBS, ABC, NBC, CSNBC, MSNBC, FOX, Al Jazeera and every other major news network on the planet would be broadcasting about the issue everywhere. Their investigative teams are much more well funded than activists and there is no way that they haven’t looked into the story.


Please tell the “believers” to get a grip. They are making the rest of us look fairly ridiculous. Of course, there will always be someone who will continue swearing “up and down” that this is a true story. We would advise them not to believe everything that you read. For those who consider themselves “activists” and spread this story…rasism is not activism. Activism requires research and investigation.

The AELLA Team

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My wife (who is of East Indian descent and has had some bad experiences with Chinese overseas where she comes from) mentioned this baby fetus soup thing to me just a few days ago – I had never heard of it before then, and let’s just say I’m a somewhat jaded and skeptical American – there are so many Internet myths and modern urban legends out there circulating that I’ve learned to be skeptical when I hear something like this. I asked her “Isn’t this just another modern American urban Internet myth?” but she told me that as far as she knew it was true. I later checked this out on snopes.com and a few other internet myth debunking sites that I trust and I’m glad to find out that it’s not true. I didn’t really believe it to begin with.

Hi Jack. Whilst there is always abusive or deprave actions enacted by a few hidden away within any culture, including the United States, it is extremely irresponsible to label an entire race of people as being connected to the acts. That was the real point of posting this.
In regard to fetus-soup, in itself, is certainly not part of the regular cuisine in China. Has it been done ever by anyone at all? That, we do not know, but it is not being sold at the corner restaurant and there is no large number of Chinese citizens who are eating fetus soup.

A very feeble attempt at “uncovering” racism, as we already know it exists, by shrouding it in a dusgusting act as this.

If the maker’s intent was to show “racism”, a term used so loosely now that rather than raise eyebrows garners no more than the rolling of the eyes, then his attempt at clever presdigitation by wrapping it in something as controversial as this smells of a set up in hopes of his predicted outcome.

The problem that he does not delineate is that MOST of the people who turned away in disgust at the photos of what might be were reacting to the ‘children’, and not so much the Asians.

The irony here is that in his experiment he clumps westerners together and expects the same racist outcome, when he, in fact, does the same thing by expecting the same outcome by westerners. If any part of his experiment proved anything, it is that he was a “racist”, if I must use the term, for expecting a reaction from the westerners, or, another “race”.

In that sense, I would say his experiment was a success at showing his own racist perspective towards ‘the west”.

We can not argue against what you have proposed. There was no “right” in what he did to try and pry the racial agenda, as you point out and it does point to his own biases. Regardless, we feel that it is no better to “buy into” what he generated, either. We are certainly not in agreement with any of it, from top to bottom. All human beings should be working toward the goal of unity, not undermining it. So from that standpoint, we can only agree.