ESDAW asking for support to demand a common EU law for companion animals in Spain

A severe case of animal brutality has been reported from sources on Facebook. The page “Save dogs from Being Killed”, is asking for help to stop the brutal slaughter of Galgos(Spanish Greyhounds) at the hands of the racing industry.


The murder of Galgos killed in Spain is not uncommonly performed by placing an erect stick in their mouths, so as not to allow the dog to drink or eat for long periods(5 or 6 days). The dog will obviously succumb to starvation and thirst. This torture and agony can last for many day and is a cheap way for the racing industry to be rid of the dogs that can no longer “perform” adequately. Over 50.000 Galgos are killed this way, annually.


Martín Mora Piñeiro shared this video with us in regard to the subject which affected him so much:



Join the ESDAW Facebook page HERE!

Join the Facebook page, “Save Dogs From Being Killed” HERE!

For Pia Berrand’s article, showing some of the horrors relating to the issue in the way that dogs are treated, with links and information, please click HERE.

Thank you to Ann Kristin Svendsen for pressing the issue.






































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Please if these dogs are not needed in Spain at least euthanize them so that they die peacefully.

May Lord Buddha guide these people who give dogs a cruel death

Brunila Goa India
26-05-2013 11.30 am