Obama administration strips protection from a truly endangered species

Pressure from the agriculture companies and hunting groups to stop wolves from attacking livestock and sport game has finally stripped the wolf of endangered species protection. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources(DNR) has been lobbying for a proposal to de-list wolves as an endangered species in the states occupying the Great Lakes territories, according to their Communications Representative, Debbie Munson-Badini. Apparently, their wishes have been granted, to the detriment of a species and our planet. Their plan, which is approved and in place to “manage” wolves at the state level could mark the final end to the species, moving forward. How could we have possibly allowed this to happen?

Seeing as the Obama administration stated that it is lifting endangered species protections for what is left of the wolves in the eight states occupying the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes region, control over the wolves’ fates will be turned over to state wildlife agencies, which obviously reside in the pockets of big business. Wolf hunts, or “culls” are already scheduled for the upcoming season in the states of Idaho and Montana.

On a personal note, we are outraged. “Wildlife management” is the most ridiculous terminology that has ever been invented, considering how well humans have “managed” things thus far. The only way to “manage” nature & wildlife is to leave it alone. Whenever humans interfere with the natural balance, it becomes tainted and destroyed. The belief in the fairy tale given by hunters who claim that humanity can “manage” a balance in nature better than nature can, is simply ludicrous. This is all based on management for the hunting industry to continue killing deer and the agriculture companies’ plans to exterminate what they see as a “nuisance”.

To begin with, a deer’s biology is such that it will actually generate some 3 fetuses when impregnated, but if the food supply is low, the deer will naturally abort one or two fetuses because that is nature’s way of “humanely” keeping the balance. The growth of all flora, such as deer clover or whatever the deer in a specific region naturally feeds upon, relies on the burrows and environmental impacts that keystone species, like the wolf, produce. So in essence, by killing off wolves, there is less flora for deer to feed on because natural burrows made by wolves generate the good bacteria for flora, thus making a lower deer population.

This leads to plotting by the hunters. Planting mass clover plots wherever deer normally would flourish can prompt the deer’s biology to birth all of the fawns, rather than naturally abort the ones that can not be environmentally sustained. Plenty of food means plenty of little deer to satiate the hunting industry. Considering that we dwindled wolf population in the continental U.S. down from roughly 200,000 to some 5,000 means that we have effectively “snuffed out” the competition and destroyed a fair portion of the natural ecosystem.

It is appalling barbarity and consistent with the child-like “bumbling” manner in regard to the way we treat all life on Earth…


The AELLA Team

Please watch the PBS special, Hunting Wolves, Saving Wolves here.

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Hi Yes ~ we all have seen how well the *management of wildlife* has been managed for the benefit of hunters and the almighty dollar. President should be Ashamed of himself ` along with Sarah Palin for authorizing aerial wolf hunts. Lets put them on the wildlife ground in the tennies ` and see if they can outrun a red lazer tag and a speeding bullet and a plane or helicopter !!! I would love to be the one taking aim first ! This is byond barbaric and complete idiocy trying to manage wildlife. As humans ` and carettakers of this Mother Earth ` she has been drastically raped by her caretakers. Our leaders cannot take care of their own kind ~ much less animals. But maybe this makes them feel superior in the taking of innocent lives and souls. I would say ` as President ` and all of our so called great leaders ` when a plan is in place to take care of our children and elderly and just about actually every body (human i am inferring too) then man can truly be called a man. we live in a hypocrotic world. Just take ~ take ~ take and turn a blind eye to everything else. Humans have pushed our precious animals to the far corners of almost oblivion. And still want to take more…When will the greed and horrors stop.

It´s sad to know that we´re the only species on earth that really can make a difference and live in total harmony in this world, but we choose to be savages without heart and choose to destroy and kill everything in our path, and the only legacy must human beings left on this earth is carnage.