The Shameful Reality Behind Circus “Concentration Camp” Suffering

The true life of a circus animal, which, under the “Big Top”, is hidden behind the illusion of colored popping corn, clowns and the bright lights of the show. A rational human being would realize that it is not possible, even for those with the best of intentions, to provide a proper environment for animals that belong in the wild. It is an obvious reality, that they belong in their natural habitat and not in captivity.

First and foremost, the idea or philosophy which dictates that any being can be forcefully trained to perform for another, for whatever reason, has always been a part of the human condition. It is called “slavery”. The shackles about the extremities and necks of circus animals should be enough to open one’s eyes.

During an animal’s conditioning, they are beaten or tortured into submission, deprived, starved, isolated and mentally broken. There is little excuse for anyone not to realize that animals must be forced to do what circuses need them to do.

More often than not, animals are made to do things that are horrifically unnatural, such as stand upright for long periods of time, which causes severe medical problems.

Imagine what conditioning would be required to force a tiger to give up on every natural instinct and jump through a fiery hoop.

Does the idea of a threatened species, forced to do tricks for our amusement, not spark enough emotion for some to think twice before buying tickets for their children to watch? How can we possibly continue to allow the severe abuse associated with such practices for the simple purposes of human entertainment? A circus is no less of a “concentration camp” than a vivisectionist’s laboratory.

There is, in hearts of children everywhere, nothing more impressively profound, than an encounter with an animal that is foreign to the structure of their every day lives. It is the reason why animal slavery in circuses has endured for so long, even whilst the adult general public has a fairly good idea, just how brutally the animals in circuses are treated. Do you ever wonder how children would feel about being brought to a circus, if they were made fully aware of the treatment and conditions that the animals must live through each day? How quickly would the laughter turn to fear and tears, when faced with reality of animal abuse in circuses?

It is far past time that we “lift the curtain” on the nightmarish hell occurring behind the scenes of all circuses.

Please click on the link below for a closer look at circus animal abuse.


Below is a link to a video based on exposing the truth behind elephant trade and Ringling’s animal abuse.

Ringling Brothers:Elephant Child Abusers-Breaking A Baby Elephant

Please sign the petition to tell Irvin Feld, owner of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus to STOP TORTURING ANIMALS!

The AELLA Team

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Please free these beautiful animals and stop torturing them! My God is the money worth the torture and the broken spirit of an animal!! Enough already!! I will make sure I do not go to a circus again!! And make sure everyone I know is told about this abuse! This is shameful! I am appauled! Shame on you!