Chimpanzee & other “bush-meat” is dangerously on the menu in the United Kingdom’s Black Market

For those who do not know, The term “bush-meat” is used to describe the flesh of wild animals hunted in places like tropical forests in Africa, Asia and the Americas. The international trade in “bush-meat” has an estimated value of more than £2.5 billion. Generally, the use of “bush-meat” is reserved for the wealthy who value it for medicinal purposes or to signifying luxury and status.

It has been reported in United Kingdom news sources that meat from chimpanzees and other endangered African wildlife is being sold in local British restaurants. Nearly every Government In Africa has been trying to stop their people from continuing the sale of “bush-meat” because it can carry potentially infectious diseases such as foot-and-mouth, anthrax, the Ebola virus, Tuberculosis, cholera, Restin, AIDS and Marburg. These viruses are the hottest viruses on the planet and less than a single pin drop of infected bodily fluid to infect the whole of the United Kingdom in under 3 weeks. There is no cure for these diseases, none.

The underground interest in chimpanzee meat, which some pay more than £20 a kilogram for, will eventually spark a horrific outbreak. Once that happens, we have a 99.9% kill ratio on a mass scale. All it would take is for an infected animal to be murdered at one of the back street restaurants and a human to become infected. The individual killing the animal obviously handles uncooked body parts, the blood and/or the mucous. They will eventually come into contact with other humans.

Human beings have absolutely no right or business to ship these animals ANYWHERE. They are endangered to begin with and vivisection is the gateway reason for their allowance of being shipped abroad. There is obviously no other legal excuse for them to be sold or shipped into foreign nations. So, in basic, a useless endeavor which claims to save human lives by torturing animals, will be the “gateway” for slaughtered animals to infect and kill a masses of humans with disease.

We must shut this horrific practice down. It is estimated that five tons of “bushmeat” is finding its way into Europe every week and being distributed across the continent by traders in Paris. Let us begin by signing and spreading the CARE2 petition, Action Needed: Meat From Chimpanzees ‘Is on Sale in Britain’ in Lucrative Black Market

Marla Stormwolf-Patty
Vice-President of AELLA

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