The True Horror and Inadequacy of Vivisection

When people hear of medical experiments, they often think of such heightened and lofty goals as finding a cure for cancer, AIDS or Multiple Sclerosis without being aware or caring that with every physical victory comes years of agonizing spiritual defeat.

To be truly honest, injecting a silver-back gorilla with the AIDS virus is not going to cure AIDS. Nearly every respectable doctor and scientist in the world today agrees that animals are poor test subjects for experimentation in regard to human physiological reaction. Even if said action had the ability to cure diseases, such an act mortally wounds us and labels us as an unethical race, in our personal opinion.

Human beings not only inject countless animals with infectious disease each year, but perform a wide variety of tests in regard to genetic mutation, deprivation/pain research, as well as reaction to noxious chemicals. What purpose do these tests serve? Do we really need to remove a baby monkey from its mother at birth and study its growth among other, naturally raised monkeys, in a pathetic attempt to better understand human social interaction? Do we need to remove an animal’s limbs, in order to study in which way it will overcome said disability?

This certainly is not advancing the understanding of humanity, curing diseases or making us look upon ourselves with dignity. In reality, the majority of animal experimentation has no medical purpose, whatsoever. There are projects that commit unspeakable brutalities against other species that many of you are not even aware of. One such act involved sewing a baby monkey’s eyes shut, which you will easily find on the internet by searching under “vivisection” or “animal experimentation.” Whatever the reason for such an experiment, not one of us needs a PhD to tell us that this act will produce a blind and tortured baby monkey. The cruelty, the apathy is unbearable.

This is just an example of the realities surrounding vivisection and its so called “benefit” for the advancement of medicine. Cosmetic companies test their products on living animals every day so that we can all look a bit younger by torturing and snuffing out the life of sentient beings. Whenever we speak of the insanity associated with animal testing, there is varied feedback. There are avid supporters of said “research” because they still believe that it is for the “good” of humanity and there are avid defenders of life who agree with the majority of experts who know that such acts generate nothing positive.

The truth is that the only drug which ever was proven to be a success is penicillin. Its founder(Alexander Fleming, 1945 Nobel Prize winner) was once asked why he didn’t simply test it on a mentally disturbed person at any given insane asylum, which was a very popular thing to do at the time. Fleming responded by saying “That sir, is an insane question.” When asked why he would not test it on a dog, a rat or an orphaned child, his reply was, “Why would I test a cure for a human malaise on a species of God that has done nothing to our species but try to endure us? And furthermore, the minute we begin to test on children is the very minute I shall stop attempting to find cures to save us as a race.”

94% of animal testing is done to determine the safety of cosmetics or household products, leaving only 6% for medical research. 98% of all findings from vivisection are thrown away, as the results can not determine human response, which tells us that the 6% utilized for medical research is absolutely useless. We can take this a step further in order to show you what real doctors have to say about animal testing. Please click on the photo below to read their testimony!

Dr. Fleming was in protest of the common behaviors of the day, the accepted normality to which government, religion and social systems based their collective idealism upon. In retrospect, one quote from Dr. Fleming’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech holds heavy weight in favor of abolishing such practices all together:

“How fortunate we didn’t have these animal tests in the 1940s, for penicillin would probably never been granted a license, and possibly the whole field of antibiotics might never have been realized.” -Alexander Fleming

If we must lose our morality in order to gain our immortality then we
damn our species with a brutal label which can never be erased from our
souls. We destroy our planet with the continued teachings of apathetic
ruin to our children and our grandchildren. Is this the way we wish to
continue, or will we finally and truly evolve into something better?

Our race has taken a “Nazi-like” approach toward dealing with other species, our planet and our posterity. We should all be concerned with the fact that there will not be many generations of human posterity if we continue going about our lives in a “business as usual” manner. We are so obsessed with procreating, looking attractive and living longer that we have lost sight of the true nature of existence. Our world is already overpopulated and ecologically speaking, rapidly deteriorating and we, as species have not even yet found a way to be truly “humane”, let alone human.

At the National Anti-Vivisection Society’s website,, you will find a complete list of companies that test on animals and a great deal of compelling information against vivisection. Please also visit the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine at, where they combat the horrors of vivisection by promoting preventive medicine and have been encouraging higher moral standards of research since 1985.

In Unity,
Marla Stormwolf Patty
Vice-President of AELLA
Anthony Damiano
President of AELLA

Please click on the picture below to visit and hear more testimony against vivisection practices from respected medical professionals.

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I just don’t get the inhumane treatment of aniamls, sometimes I think people have gone mad! How do these people sleep at night………..?

Numerous doctors agree that vivisection retards scientific progress because these animal models are unlike naturally occurring human diseases or injuries. The researcher is not looking at the actual human malady. Furthermore, methods tested, such as drug therapies, react differently between and within various species. Data obtained from animal models cannot be reliably extrapolated to solve human problems.

Tests with animals have caused harm and death for not only the animals but also humans. Tests that have proven to be safe in different animal species have resulted in major to even fatal impacts on humans. Conversely, tests that had negative results from the vivisection had positive results with humans. Animal experiments are only part of a screening process and may be done before and after human studies. If the animal tests fail the drug or methodology can still be used.

Lifeforce is urging that there be at least a 10% annual reduction to phase out the vivisection industry. For further information see: Stop Vivisection Canada!

I can see that one day, very soon, humankind will pay for the way it has treated other sentient beings. Personally, although I’m a meateater, I eat only organic, free range meat so that the animals will have had quality of life. I avoid veal, battery hen eggs & cosmetics & household cleaners that have been tested on animals. Also, animal cruelty laws need to be made much stronger – including within animal research centres (until we can get them all closed down).