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November 4, 2012

Are you an ally of life?

Many of you who spend so much of yourselves attempting to educate others in regard to the negative impacts that humanity has upon our world, understand what it is like to be attacked on a daily basis by deniers, abusers and the uninformed, in general. The vast numbers that stand against you and the sheer ignorance, which is the epitome of everything that you despise most, can, at times, make you lose hope.

To all of my friends who spend their lives in the service of advocacy for positive change, please take this to heart. It doesn’t get any easier, you just get better at dealing with it. The adversity is not going away any time soon and the more impact that you make in a positive direction, you will also see that affect on the negative, drawing itself to you. This is inevitable and you can not allow it to deter you. You can not lose hope because you are a part of the only chance that life has left, as bleak as the path may look to you based on the current state of the world and the adversity. Environmental and animal activists are life’s last defense, it is just that simple. Take solace in knowing that you are a friend to the Earth and all life upon it.

The fact that many people write to me, informing me that something I have said or written has altered their way of thought, pushing them toward a vegan life-style, is all that matters to me. That is fuel enough for me to laugh in the face of said adversity. For every attack that I am subject to, I receive twice the number of well wishes from meat and dairy consumers, who thank me for helping them see the bigger picture. I am therefore, forced to hope that the attacks continue. If the state of the planet weren’t in such disarray, I would rather enjoy the humor in some of the ignorant outbursts that the opposition expels.

We must stay the course, no matter what they say or do to us. At the very least, we will spend our existence as an ally of life. What is more important or rewarding than that?

Anthony Damiano
President of AELLA

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  1. Vegan girl - November 14, 2012 4:18 AM

    I am happy that despite all the ridicule the animal rights movement recieves, there are still so many individuals who see the truth and refuse to be silenced! Thank you for this empowering message.


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