2010 September

September 10, 2010

Undercover Investigation Reveals Misery for Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits

[Translate] A nine-month undercover investigation found that hundreds of dogs, cats, and rabbits were subjected to vicious and abusive handling, neglect, and miserable living conditions at Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS)—a Corapeake, North Carolina–based contract laboratory that tests animal-companion products such as flea and tick sprays for Bayer,[…]

September 5, 2010

Human and Animal Rights: One Struggle – One Fight

[Translate] “The ascription of moral and legal rights to animals, and their enshrinement in a United Nations Declaration of Animal Rights is a logical and inevitable progression of ethical thinking.” On December 10th 1948, the United Nations General Assembly ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Declaration enshrined the[…]